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Introducing: Maria

Posted on April 06 2023

Maria is the first to introduce the merchant sisters!

Maria was born on May Day in 1981 in South Ostrobothnia in Ilmajoki, in the village of Koskenkorva. As you can see from the picture, already at the age of four, Maria was quite fashion conscious. 😎

As a child, Maria was fond of playing the violin and piano, over the years the musical hobby turned into a profession. As a child, Maria was also very crazy about horses, and in elementary school, Maria's future professional plan was to become a horse rider.

However, the riding remained and after Ilmajoki, Maria went to study at Kaustinen's music high school. Kaustinen's journey continued, studying music first in Lahti, then in Helsinki at the Pop & Jazz Conservatory. In addition to a professional degree in music, Maria also graduated from the University of Helsinki with a major in musicology, with minors in marketing and management, after all, matching her current job description.

Along her journey, Maria has had time to do all kinds of things: work as a musician, an entrepreneur in an online and wholesale bag store, a salesperson in interior design stores and a shoe store, made websites, as a website renewal project coordinator... When her parents and both grandparents have done their life's work as entrepreneurs, it should come as no surprise that Maria's blood was drawn to be an entrepreneur as well. starting and finally a dream job as a Bellissima merchant came up. 😍

Maria's children, small shopkeepers Aada and Miro, often go shopping with her and are also eager guinea pigs for Bellissima's shoe selection.

Before having children, Maria had quite a large collection of shoes in size 40. As has happened to many others, Maria's shoe size also grew after having children and is now usually 43. So, roughly speaking, her feet grew by 1.5 sizes per child. 😃 But fortunately, there are many wonderful shoes in larger sizes too! 🤩



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