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Plus12 shoe size

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The Plus12 shoe measure is a handy tool for measuring the inside length of shoes (sizes 18-45) and also feet.

Instructions for using the Plus12 shoe measure:

Foot measurement

Place the Plus12 measurement next to the foot so that the red arrow is slightly longer than the big toe. Then place your child on the shoe size with bare feet. Gently push the red arrow towards the longest toe until the toe hits the arrow. On the back of the measuring device, you can see the length of your child's leg, to which the recommended walking margin of 1.2cm is automatically added. If you want to know the length of your child's leg without room for walking, you can subtract 1.2 cm from this measurement result.

E.g.: Measurement result 17.2cm -> the allowance is reduced by 1.2cm -> child's leg length 16cm

Measurement of shoes

Put the Plus12 measurement on the shoe, and place the blue part securely on the heel of the shoe. Push until the red arrow touches the toe of the shoe. You can see the inside length of the shoe from the measuring scale on the back.