Sandals with stiletto heels - black

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Size: 36

Sku: D1K50-00-36

Stylish sandals with stiletto heels from Remonte! The sandals have fine black leather, the leather straps cross nicely over the toes. The criss-crossing soft leather thongs sit comfortably on the foot and are thus suitable for different feet. The strap that goes around the back of the ankle has a Velcro fastening under the buckle on the outside and there is a small stretcher on the inside. There is also a small, pretty silver decoration hanging under the buckle. Thanks to the sturdy stiletto heel, the sandals are comfortable to wear, and the heel doesn't bother you that much. Great sandals for summer outings and parties!

  • Last: G (medium width)
  • Surface material: Leather
  • Lining material: Leather insole, artificial material
  • Removable insole: No
  • Tex: No
  • Heel height: 6 cm
  • The thickness of the sole under the instep: 1 cm

Details of the medium width legs of the Maria trader:

  • Neither breasts nor low
  • Model flipper, i.e. the toes are almost the same length, not a very sharp curve at the ends of the toes 😊
  • A round toe is the best fit, models that are too pointed often don't have enough room for Maria's big toe
  • Normally size 43, medium width G or wide H insole
  • Barefoot shoes are usually size 42 when there is enough room for the toes
  • The length of the longer leg is 26.8 cm
  • Width at the hem 11 cm

For Maria's foot in size 42, the length would certainly be just right, but narrow in width. In size 43, there was a slight hint of too much length, but that didn't bother Maria. In size 43, the model was "comfortably tight" for Maria, but not too narrow. The criss-cross thongs fit Maria's flipper foot shape perfectly, and the legs did not come over the sole from the outside. F 1/2 is therefore the definition of a slat, between a narrow F-slat and a medium-wide G-slat. Such beautiful shoes!

Sanna retailer's details for narrow/medium wide legs:

  • Neither breasts nor low
  • The arch of the toes is evenly slanted, i.e. the ends of the toes go in "length order" 😊
  • Normally size 39-40 depending on the model
  • Narrow F-slat or medium-wide G-slat
  • The length of the longer leg is 25.2 cm
  • Width at the hem 9.8 cm

For Sanna, size 40 was just right in terms of length, but a little too wide and Sanna's foot slid too much to the tip. Of course, with a transparent gel pad or a longer gel insole glued to the bottom, the Sandals could be made to sit. Lovely party sandals!