Barefoot Shoes, Lace Up Boots - Empire Black

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Size: 45


Beautiful Peerko 2.0 Empire Black barefoot boots for many occasions! The boots have lacing from top to bottom, they look so good! The boots have zippers on the inside for putting them on, and you can adjust the fit comfortably with the laces. The shank of the boots can be adjusted very well, from S shank to XL shank! When the laces are at their tautest, the circumference of the boots at the leg is 36 cm. The flap under the straps is 11 cm wide, so by loosening the straps, the circumference can be increased up to 47 cm. So the boot model fits many feet! Empire boots have a thin fleece lining, so they are comfortable as spring and autumn shoes and why not for "warmer" winter days. Great shoes!

Barefoot sneakers are made of high-quality nubuck leather and use only water-soluble glue, no solvents. The sole of the barefoot shoes is made of flexible, recyclable thermoplastic rubber. The thickness of the sole is only 1.5–3.5 mm, the soles are glued and sewn to the shoes. The sole flexes brilliantly according to the natural movement of the foot. Peerko's shoes are designed in cooperation with physiotherapists, so that the feet get enough space and the shoes are particularly comfortable.

Peerko's Empire Black boots are barefoot shoes. With barefoot shoes, you walk as if you were barefoot, but your feet are still protected by a thin sole. By using barefoot shoes, you strengthen the muscles of your feet and help your feet and toes find their natural shape and position again.

Features of barefoot shoes are:

  • Wide toe space that is shaped like the natural arch of the toes
  • No heel rise
  • No arch support
  • Flexible and thin sole
  • Lightweight

Peerko's Empire boots are suitable for wide flat feet. But with the help of the laces, the fit can be comfortably adjusted to suit even narrower and lower feet.

Details of the medium width legs of the Maria trader:
Neither breasts nor low
Model flippers (i.e. toes almost the same length, not a very sharp curve at the ends of the toes)
Normally size 43, medium width G or wide H insole
The length of the longer leg is 26.8 cm
Width at the hem 11 cm

The size 42 of this barefoot shoe model was perfect for Maria's feet! The last is so wide and the tip is in the shape of the natural arch of the toes, so size 42 is perfect for Maria. In non-barefoot shoes, Maria's size is usually 42.5-43, depending on the width of the last. In non-barefoot shoes, the toe of the shoes is usually more or less pointed/tapered, so it takes up space from the toe and Maria has to take a bigger size.

  • Last: H (wide)
  • Surface material: Leather
  • Lining material: Leather
  • Removable insole: No
  • Tex: No
  • Sole: 5mm thermoplastic rubber
  • Heel height: 1.5 cm
  • The thickness of the sole under the instep: 1.5 cm
  • Country of manufacture: Czech Republic

Peerko's shoes are made by hand in the EU. Peerko only uses materials from the EU region in its shoes.