Barefoot sneakers - Vegan Laces, black canvas fabric

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Size: 35

Sku: G3130249-VEGAN-LACES-7-BLACK-35

Stylish canvas sneakers from Frodo! The neat black canvas fabric looks good with the brown base and dark stripes. These lovely vegan barefoot shoes belong to the Froddo Barefoot collection and are also a nice light model. Great unisex shoes for everyone!

  • Froddo Barefoot collection:
    • Flexible sole
    • No heel rise
    • Wide toe space
  • Lining material: Fabric
  • Grippy rubber sole
  • Removable leather insole
  • Surface material: Canvas fabric
  • Country of manufacture: Croatia

Size Inner length of shoe (cm)
33 22.2
34 22.8
35 23.5
36 24.2
37 24.8
38 25.5
39 26.2
40 26.9
41 27.6
42 28.3

Details of the medium width legs of the Maria trader:

  • Neither breasts nor low
  • Model flipper, i.e. the toes are almost the same length, not a very sharp curve at the ends of the toes 😊
  • A round toe is the best fit, models that are too pointed often don't have enough room for Maria's big toe
  • Normally size 43, medium width G or wide H insole
  • Barefoot shoes are usually size 42 when there is enough room for the toes
  • The length of the longer leg is 26.8 cm
  • Width at the hem 11 cm

The size 42 of this barefoot shoe model was perfect for Maria's feet! The last is so wide and the tip is in the shape of the natural arch of the toes, so size 42 is perfect for Maria. In non-barefoot shoes, Maria's size is usually 42.5-43, depending on the width of the last. In non-barefoot shoes, the toe of the shoes is usually more or less pointed/tapered, so it takes up space from the toe and Maria has to take a bigger size.