Andrea Conti

Low-top sneakers with elastic bands - topaz green leather

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Size: 36

Sku: 0348736-0348852-891-TOPAS-36

Great green leather sneakers from Andrea Conti! The wonderfully simple, stylish sneakers are completely leather, on the outside and inside. The topaz green shade of the leather is gorgeous! The walking shoes are very light, feel comfortable on the feet and the leather is also wonderfully soft. The light laces are elastic bands, so it's easy to slip the sneakers on. The straps can also be used to comfortably adjust the fit. Really nice Casual sneakers!

Maria shopper's tip: if the shoes feel loose, you can tighten the elastic bands and make a knot in the tighter bands. Even though Maria tightened the laces by tying them, the laces are still flexible enough that the shoes are comfortable to put on, but also stay on well. Of course, you can always replace it with regular non-elastic bands.

  • Last: G (medium width), H (wide)
  • Surface material: Leather
  • Lining material: Leather
  • Removable insole: Yes
  • Tex: No
  • Heel height: 2.5 cm
  • The thickness of the sole under the instep: 2 cm

Details of the medium width legs of the Maria trader:

  • Neither breasts nor low
  • Model flipper, i.e. the toes are almost the same length, not a very sharp curve at the ends of the toes 😊
  • A round toe is the best fit, models that are too pointed often don't have enough room for Maria's big toe
  • Normally size 43, medium width G or wide H insole
  • Barefoot shoes are usually size 42 when there is enough room for the toes
  • The length of the longer leg is 26.8 cm
  • Width at the hem 11 cm

The size 42 of this model was perfect for Maria's feet. Thanks to the round toe, the length was pretty much enough for Maria's toes in size 42, but maybe size 43 felt more comfortable in terms of length when walking for Maria. Sure, 43 is looser, but this problem was easily solved by tightening and tying the laces.