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From the sandals of Remonte, Gabor, Froddo and Affenzahn


Luxus Light Black Line - leather insoles, black

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The size of the insoles: 35/36

Sku: NK-02725

High-quality black leather half-soles! The comfortable Luxus Light Black Line leather insoles have many benefits. They can protect the insoles of the shoes, but also fill the shoes a little if the shoes feel a little loose. Of course, the insoles also soften the feel of the shoes on the feet. Luxus Light insoles have an active carbon layer underneath

Half insoles are especially good in high heels, when they are placed under the toes of the toe of the shoes. This improves the fit of the shoes, when the insoles fill the shoes a little. If the fit of stilettos is a minor issue, it is usually fixed with half-soles!