Leather Buddy leather sneakers, Octopus

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Size: 21


Stylish beige children's leather sneakers for midterm and summer. Octopus sneakers with blue details and soles are suitable for many situations, from playing in the yard to casual party wear! The sneakers are wonderfully soft leather.

The funny octopus pictures on the back help children make sure the shoes fit the right feet. It is especially easy for older children to put on the velcro sneakers themselves. Peek into the shoes and find an octopus!

  • Last: Narrow/normal
  • Surface material: Leather, Terracare certified
  • Lining material: Leather
  • Outsole material: 75% synthetic rubber and 25% natural rubber
  • Country of manufacture: Vietnam

Recommended walking and growth margin approx. 1.5-1.8 cm.

Why choose barefoot shoes?

Affenzahn's wonderful products have earned BlueSign and GreenButton certificates as well as membership of the Fair Wear Foundation, the products are manufactured with respect for the environment and under fair working conditions. Both responsibility and practicality have been taken into account in all material choices.

A child's legs should be able to move naturally! Barefoot shoes do not block the movement paths of children's legs or support the legs in a certain position. In this way, they give all the small muscles of the legs a chance to move. In addition, the round shape of the tips of the barefoot shoes offers enough space for all toes.

Affenzahn brand shoes are also a good choice for first shoes, because walking with bare feet exercises balance, strengthens the muscles of the legs and can prevent incorrect foot positions at an early stage.

In Affenzahn shoes, the sole is flexible and as thin as possible, healthy feet do not need additional padding. The shoes also do not have a raised heel, which allows for a natural foot position. In addition, the sole pattern of the shoes is designed to provide enough grip on slippery surfaces.