Children's slippers - Iris, unicorn, pink

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Size: XS 21-23

Sku: L-SS2311000042-IRIS-XS

Cute pink unicorn slippers! Slipstop slippers are light, flexible and comfortable, just like walking with bare feet. The Slipstop slipper is like a sock! The slippers are easy to put on, they fit well and do not rub. The slippers have breathable and quick-drying fabric and a non-slip sole. A good non-slip sole makes the slippers safe.

Slipstops are really versatile, wherever you want to protect your feet and reduce the risk of slipping. Anti-slip slippers reduce the risk of slipping on slippery or wet floors. Although Slipstop slippers are very thin and light, they protect the feet from hot sand and tiles, as well as from sharp stones. The slippers are also water resistant.

  • At home, school, kindergarten, club, indoor and outdoor playground...
  • Swimming in the pool, in the sea, on the beach, in the bath, in the shower, in a boat, on a surfboard...

Instead, the use of slippers is not recommended:

  • When cycling: the fabric cannot withstand braking.
  • On the swing: stopping the speed on sand or asphalt wears out the fabric.
  • Playing soccer on sand or asphalt wears down the fabric.
  • Slipstop slippers cannot be compared to crocs-type shoes or sneakers.
  • On the slide, the non-slip bottom of the slippers can unexpectedly stop the speed and the child can hurt himself.

Material of the slippers: The slippers are skin-friendly and breathable, including polyamide and elastane, which are used e.g. in underwear.

Slipper sole: Polyvinyl chloride and cotton, does not contain phthalates, azo dyes or carcinogens.

Washing instructions for slippers: Rinse off dirt, sand or other visible dirt. Hand washing with soap and water is enough for the slippers and they dry quickly.

Do not machine wash, tumble dry, boiling water, detergent or bleach. Strong chemicals can damage the product. Do not store wet in a plastic bag, dry in the shade, do not dry clean or iron.

Size guide for slipstop slippers:

  • XXS 18-20 - bottom size 12 cm
  • XS 21-23 - bottom size 14 cm
  • S 24-26 - bottom size 16 cm
  • M 27-29 - bottom size 18 cm
  • L 30-32 - bottom size 20 cm
  • XL 33-35 - bottom size 22 cm

NOTE Too large a size is not recommended, but the slipper must be snug.

Country of manufacture: Turkey