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Organic Protect & Care - protection and care spray, colorless, 150 ml

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Sku: NK-34402

A natural way to protect and care for leather products! The spray contains leather-caring olive oil, which preserves the softness of the material. Protect & Care therefore protects the material well from moisture and dirt. The spray is suitable for different types of leather, textiles, and products equipped with a breathable TEX membrane.

Instructions for use: Treat the material so that the material is properly on all sides of the shoe. Let it dry in peace for approx. two hours without rubbing the leather during it. After drying, the leather is protected, cared for and ready for use. Finally, you can polish the shiny surface with a cloth.

Why should you protect your shoes?

When you protect your shoes to repel water and dirt with suitable products, shoe care will be much easier in the future!

Cleaning: Dirt does not stick to the material and can be easily removed.

Care: Clean and protected leather is easier to care for and the colors stay bright for a long time.

Salt borders: Bad-looking salt borders caused by getting wet are a thing of the past and cannot form on protected material.

New leather or textile shoes should be well protected before use. The protective agent impregnates the material to make it water and dirt repellent, but still leaves it breathable, so it is also suitable for products equipped with a TEX membrane.

The one-time treatment of new shoes alone is not enough, the protection must be renewed regularly according to the need for use and the weather. An easy guideline is to always make a new protection when you clean your shoes.