Children's barefoot shoes - Snowboot Elephant, winter shoes with TEX membrane - dark blue, vegan

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Size: 22


More sizes coming to stock soon!

Mageet winter shoes from Affenzahn! Warm boot style barefoot shoes with minimal sole but maximum fit for all young adventurers! The shoe's three layers guarantee comfortable use in any weather. The waterproof and yet breathable shoe hides a membrane with advanced technology in its upper, and the soft lining keeps little feet warm and dry.

Like all Affenzahn shoes, these Snowy Witty snow boots, more commonly known as snow boots, are designed in accordance with the ideology of barefoot walking. The natural shape guarantees enough space for each toe so that the foot can move and develop in the right way. The flexible sole is just as thin as it can be and its honeycomb tread surface guarantees good grip. Wonderfully warm winter shoes now in a nice dark blue shade, with orange details!

- - -

Recommended walking and growth margin approx. 2 cm

⭐️ The size guide (inner lengths and widths) can be found in the product images ⭐️

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Recommended care instructions:

  • Wiping with a damp cloth moistened with a mild detergent or a soft brush
    • Machine washing is not recommended!
  • No drying in the tumble dryer/cabinet
    • Drying can be accelerated by putting newspaper inside the shoes to absorb moisture
  • During commissioning and regularly also after commissioning, moisture protection spray suitable for TEX film:

- - -

The three-layer principle:

  • Warm, soft and non-sweat lining (half-high & high)
  • Waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Water-repellent exterior
  • 3 mm insole (Bloom Foam)
  • 2.5 mm base without pads
  • 3 mm tread, non-slip on ice and snow

- - -

  1. Water-resistant, strong materials
  2. Easy to put on and take off
  3. Natural shape
  4. No elevated position
  5. Thin crust
  6. Removable insole
  7. Light
  8. Right/left foot instructions (thumbnails on the heel)
  9. Reflectors (around the shoe and on the heel)